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On this website you can find useful tools for your Adult Learners’ Week or Learning Festival: about how to work together in local partnerships and how to involve learners in the preparation and delivery. You can also find other information about ALW activities in the five partner countries.

This site is and will remain ’under construction’. We will add regularly new information and insights, good practices and agenda information. The main purpose is to exchange information in order to strengthen the Adult Learners’ Week. Your comments are very welcome!



Eight organisations from five countries. All of them well experienced in the Adult Learners' Week and Learning Festivals. All of them with the ambition and passion to make this Week or Festival better through Adult Learners' Week Evaluation ALWE. Between 2007 - 2009, these organisations developed and tested tools to measure and evaluate the impact of activities, especially concerning the cooperation in local partnerships and the active collaboration of learners in the preparation and delivery of the ALW. This website shows the results. This site offers a forum for further development of these and other instruments. 
ALWE Evaluation Methods
Report: 24 Hours of Learning in Switzerland PDF Print
Wednesday, 13 January 2010 15:11

SVEB invited us (red: AIKE Oy, Finland) to bench mark and evaluate their Adult Learner’s week in Switzerland in September 2009. Switzerland used to have their adult learner’s week (10 days) every three years, but recently they changed that into an event of 24 Hours of Learning. The aim is to have the event every year. The innovative person behind these ideas is Ruth Jermann (Stellvertretende Direktorin, SVEB).

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What happened in Forssa? PDF Print
Thursday, 16 April 2009 08:10

In 2008, in the Finnish town of Forssa a successful ALW network was organized which included nine partners, amongst them: vocational and non-formal adult education institutes, an employment office, a student organisation and a vocational apprenticeship office. This network met three times before the Adult Learners’ Week.

A main event was organized on Saturday and there was something to do for everyone in the family, such as: information about study & hobby possibilities, sports’ events for children, an interview session with the candidates for communal election, award for a local company of the year, award for a local adult learner of the year, a student band, blood pressure measurement, visit truck cranes, horse riding, wok tasting, café, etc.

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Der LernfestivalTag PDF Print
Thursday, 16 April 2009 10:19

1997 lancierte die Confintea V in Hamburg den folgenden Slogan: "One hour a day for learning“. Dieser wurde 1999 im Lernfestival in der Schweiz umgesetzt: "Eine Stunde lernen pro Tag“. Die Idee ist von Bern und St. Gallen in "24 Std. lernen pro Tag“ ausgeweitet worden. D.h. 24 Anbieter boten ährend 24 Stunden die unterschiedlichsten Events an. Für dieses 24 Std.-Lernfestival-Event ist die Schweiz im Ausland berühmt, es gibt kein anderes Land, das so das Lernfestival feiert. er LernfestivalTag wird unter dem Motteo


Die Schweiz lernt – 24 Stunden
durchgeführt und beginnt jeweils am Freitagabend um 17.00 Uhr bis Samstagabend um 17.00 Uhr.

Das Datum 2009 ist: Freitag, 11. bis Samstag 12. September.

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Interview with Yahaira PDF Print
Tuesday, 14 April 2009 20:32

NETHERLANDS: My name is Yahaira and I come from Peru. My husband is Dutch and since two years we live with our three children in The Netherlands. I will tell you about my participation in the Learning Festival.

Last year in May, I was invited to join a meeting about the Learning Festival. I did not understand what this was about and I was pretty excited because what would happen in that meeting…?

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